This is Anne Elliott’s personal blog promoting Earth Functional Foods (particularly plant based meat, plant based proteins), Cellular Agriculture (slaughter-free meat),Vertical Indoor Farming  and Sustainable Packaging/Reducing Waste.

Anne is a long-standing resident in the Blue Mountains, Australia, an educator, activist and passionate advocate for animals, cultural tourism,  the environment and solutions to combating climate change, loss of biodiversity.

Her years of experience in various campaigns, with  local and international not-for-profit organisations have led her to believe that right now, high-impact tools like plant based meat, plant based proteins and cellular agriculture are of critical importance.

 For their success and quick adoption, in an era of diminishing finite resources and a looming protein shortage, Anne  believes these high impact tools need to be discussed, explored and adopted (as well as tasted!) within our communities.

Talks and Tastings

Many of us feel overwhelmed about what we can do to play our part in helping to combat climate change and create real solutions in our communities.

Breaking it down into manageable steps and simple tweaks with real food (and all its pleasures!) are some of the tools Anne believes are important. Her talks are  interspersed with simple tastings (real or virtual!) involving Australian pulses – pulsing with life! Anne is also passionate about putting more fruit and vegetables into our diets (only 7% of the Australian population currently has the recommended daily amount). Her presentations naturally contain a bit of ‘vegetable love’ - and simple tips.

Talks/presentations can  be adapted to suit particular needs and topics. Anne loves to talk, and there is much to discuss in this exciting area of food innovation!

Anne is particularly interested in talking/presenting at the following-

* Tourism Meetings

*  Small Business

*  Community organisations and groups

*  Chambers of Commerce

*  Small food-related businesses

*  Not For Profit organisations


Café Connect (Or Any Small Food Business!)

Let me help you with some simple techniques to get Australian-grown pulses happening on your menus and in the tummies of your clients! We can also create descriptive stories around plant- forward options, focusing on their provenance, to make your chalkboard menus even more exciting! Personal visits are important with this service, but we can always work remotely if this suits you better.

Community Connect - Help Field-Test The Latest Plant-Based Meats In Your Home

If you live in the Blue Mountains and are interested in cooking with some of these plant-based meats in your home (provided at no cost) and afterwards give feedback to Food Innovation Blue Mountains, please advise via the Contact Form on this site.

Zero Waste Blue Mountains

Do your bit to help eliminate the single use plastic drink bottle and elevate your food/tourism/hospitality/nfp to ‘hero status’ at the same time! Offer a rewards incentive to participating customers and they will love you even more!

Contact Food Innovation Blue Mountains Australia  for an  exciting decal to display on your shopfront, counter , website/social media – wherever! 

Ambassadorships and Other

If you have an idea or innovation you think would be a good fit with Food Innovation Blue Mountains, please make  contact: