Leading Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation

December 30, 2019

Still surrounded by bushfires behaving erratically and with ongoing altertness required, I'm having quite a strong dose of 'wild imaginings'! The daily grind of bucketing out water in key areas around my old garden continues, just to keep it alive, extra containers of water are out for the wildlife and still more hot, hungry and thirsty birds fly in. Plenty of time for  'wild imaginings' to fester while doing these mundane but necessary tasks!

The extraordinary efforts by the Rural Fire Service, National Parks and Wildlife Service, a number of  associated instrumentalities, support personnel, volunteers, in establishing containment lines to keep our communities as safe as possible, attempt to protect our biodiversity and unique environment, has involved considerable commmitment and sheer determination. I am grateful to live in such a strong community. It has demonstrated to me we are global leaders in resilience. How do we go forward in this new decade, protecting what we have and dealing with a 'new normal' which is vastly different. I sense a tipping point has been reached. Much of the work we do, going forward, will require decades of persistence.

Below are the principal areas I see as important for the Blue Mountains Australia and doubtless can be applied to other places around the globe.  A lot of this is already underway in our region. The urgency behind it, especially after these current bushfires, is  even stronger. Let's just get on with it. There are huge opportunities for investment, partnering, circular economy and simply  being engaged with the world community sharing knowledge and expertise.

The Blue Mountains Australia:  Global Leaders In Climate Change Resilience And Adaptation

* Proudly supporting the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

* Rewilding/supporting biodiversity/protecting old gardens

* Localised renewable energy systems 

* Urban Agriculture for Food Security - Backyard kitchen gardens/ urban farms/community gardens/commercial-scale enclosed vertical farming systems

* Supporting and investing in SmartProtein research and development at a local and international level

*Promoting plantforward nutrition within our community - government/semi-government/business/tourism

*Sustainable housing

* Electric vehicles - subsidised ownership/creating infrastructure

* Promoting the Arts as intrinsic to humanity

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