Good Food Institute

Creating a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply. Provide support to companies, educate institutions, promote plant-based products, bring great minds together. Go to their website for excellent Good Food Startup Manual.


Clean Meat Australia

Latest news, information and opinions.  Everything you need to know about Clean Meat, including news and commentary: the science, products, trends and opinions, right down to investment information.


VOW - Reinventing Food

Based in Parramatta, Sydney Australia, this young company is at the juncture of using science and technology to create nutritious and delicious food without consuming further resources.  "A new kind of cultivated meat industry" that is "sustainable from the beginning". Currently researching cellular kangaroo meat.



Planet Ark

Help people, governments and businesses reduce their impact on the environment. Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision of a world where people live harmoniously with nature. 

Food Frontier

Working across the Asia Pacific to accelerate growth in plant-based meat and cell-based meat. CEO, Thomas King, Young Australian of the Year 2015. He is a Future Food Specialist, social entrepreneur and international speaker. Food technology is the future and Food Frontier unlocks opportunities for industry, governments and innovators to capitalise on sustainable alternatives to conventionally farmed animal protein. Download your copy of “Meat Reimagined – The Global Emergence of Alternative Proteins – What does it mean for Australia” at


Meet The Alternative - Australia's $3Billion Opportunity

The first-of-its-kind economic analysis reveals the size and economic contribution of plant-based meat in Australia today and in 2030.  Based on world-first research by Deloitte Access Economics.  Download your highly-readable an informative  copy at:

Hungry for Plant-based Australian Consumer Insights

In partnership with Life Health Foods, Food Frontier presents this highlights report to provdie a deeper understanding of Australian consumers' evolving relationship with meat and growing interest in plant-based meat alternatives.  Published October 29, 2019.



TALS Institute - The Australian Landscape Science Institute (nfp)

Restoring Australia's landscape, working together with community to achieve maximum productivity biodiversity and a moderated climate.  A new program has been launched in the Central West, NSW Australia, to rehydrate the region's landscape by 2030.

Memphis Meats

A food technology company developing developing cell-based meat – without the animals – for a better world.


Shiok Meats|Seafood, reinvented

Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean meat company, the first of its  kind in Singapore and South East Asia.  Their mission is to bring delicious, clean and  healthy seafood and meats  by harvesting from cells instead of animals. They will bring  cell-based crustacean meats (shrimp, crab, lobster) to the table.

Alliance for a Responsible Future, Singapore (nfp)

The Centre for a Responsible Future's Corporate engagement program that aims to create a platform for plant-based and related businesses to reach out to the plant-based and sustainability-conscious community. 

Beyond Meat 

A Los Angeles producer of plant based meat substitutes founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. In May 2016 it released the first plant-based burger to be old in the meat section of grocery stores, on an international basis.


Impossible Foods

“Making meat using plants, so that we never have to use animals again. That way we can eat all the meat we want, for as long as we want, and save the best planet known in the universe” Company founded in 2011 by Patrick O Brown.

Blue Mountains City Council, Australia

The Blue Mountains Local Government Area covers 140,377 hectares, 74% of which comprises National Park.  With its spectacular World Heritage environmental setting, the Blue Mountains is home to a community of nearly 80,000 people residing in 27 towns and villages spread across 100kms of mountainous terrain.

Katoomba Chamber of Commerce and Community

Aiming to make Katoomba a welcoming and friendly location to live, work and visit.

The Big Fix Inc

Support the Big Fix! The Big Fix Inc is a charity and umbrella organisation for the Big Fix media, Edgy Blue Mountains,  Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute, the Blue Mountains Pluraversity and Blackheath Community Farm. Excellent news source!

Edible Garden Trail

Visit over 40 gardens, large and small, from Lapstone to Hartley. Held in March each year. A celebration of the myriad ways Blue Mountains, Australia residents are creating food security saving the environment, while enjoying the benefits of homegrown fruit and veg.

Blue Mountains Food Coop

Member-based organisation committed to providing the local community with fresh produce that doesn’t cost the earth. Bulk wholefoods, organic and fresh local produce,  eco-friendly homewares.

Lyttleton Stores  Co-operative, Lawson, Blue Mountains Australia

. Make  .Learn . Grow .Share

A not-for-profit community enterprise located in the mid-mountains. A collective of people combining loves of organic homegrown food and artisanmade craft ware. Their mission is to connect customers, makers, growers. Even an organic backyard garden is part of this enterprise.

Blue Mountains Food Rescue

Junction 142, Katoomba Street, Katoomba. Regular markets,  preloved clothing for sale and other items.  This organisation collects excess food in our community from a number of Blue Mountains businesses and redistributes to people in need. Community Lunch every Sunday from midday featuring rescued food cooked by volunteers, free of charge and everyone welcome! Find out hoe you can help by contacting Rosa on 0416221963 or email 


Lamyong Vegetarian Health Food, 6/189 Woodville Road, Villawood

Ph 0403412205  Online:

Based in Villawood New South Wales, Australia,  this company has been in existence in Australia for over 10 years with carefully-selected products that suit multi-cultural Australia. The staff are passionate about actively promoting vegetarianism/veganism and compassion throughout Australia. All products are 100% vegetarian and vegan. Subscribe online to newsletter or shop online. Products range from soy nuggets to chunks, slices, sausages, ham, fish, bacon strips, prawns, curry pastes and oyster sauces and all vegetarian/vegan.

Syndian Natural Food Products

Based in Mulgrave, at the bottom of the Blue Mountains, this company is plant-based gluten-free, soy free and non gmo certified, with a handful of quality ingredients in every product, Australian-sourced as far as possible. Minimum processing and organic where possible. Vegie and Lentil Burgers particularly good. Specialise in burgers, patties, and grain wholegrain burgers, including Adzuki Bean and Kumera Burgers. 

Blue Mountains Tourism

Tourism focused, industry led and membership based organisation comprising individuals and businesses that have an active interest in the promotion of a sustainable tourism industry in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (Non-profit)

Working to protect the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and conserve its natural and cultural values.

Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise

Peak regional development agency in the Blue Mountains Australia. BMEE aims to stimulate economic development in the Blue Mountains through advocacy, investment and industry development.

Greater Blue Mountain Food and Wine Development Advisory Group.

Focus of the group is to raise the profile of the Greater Blue Mountains as a major food and wine destination.


Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber

Be part of something great! Supporting business owners across the Mountains.

Lupins for Life

100% Australian made, 3rd generation farming family, putting  high-protein, low carb, delicious and nutritious sweet white lupins on Aussie dining tables! Based at Jindera in the Riverina, NSW. Lupin flakes, kibble, crumbs and flour available.  or read more about lupins at


Mount Zero Olives

Produce pulses and grains (as well as olives, oils, vinegars, condiments pink lake salt and more) Commitment to flavour and sustainable farming in the northern edge of the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.  Great online shop for pulses including Mt Zero biodynamic  spiced red lentil burger mix. Grow organic chick peas. Wide selection of pulse-inspired recipes on website.


Modular Farms Australia

Purpose built container Farms.  Exclusive Modular Farm System is a complete vertical farming system capable of producing fresh, healthy plants virtually anywhere in the world. Custom designed and built from the ground up!

Slow Food

International grassroots eco-gastronomy organisation in 160 countries with headquarters in Bra, Italy.  Good clean and fair food for all!

Future Directions International

Independent research and advice on global issues facing Australia.

Animals Australia

Founded in 1980 by Peter Singer and Christine Townend, Animals Australia is currently one of Animal Charity Evaluators Standout Charities. Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society, including working towards ending factory farming.  It is a peak body, representing over 40 animal rights groups around Australia.

Seeds and Chips

The leading food innovation summit in the world.

Institute For The Future - US-based not-for-profit think tank covering global landscape, people and technology, health and self.  Recipes For Food Innovation an outstanding resource.  A recipe book to help accelerate and amplify change across the food system.

Plastic Bank

Social plastic bitcoin for the earth, supported by online banking platform.They aim to stop ocean plastic. A not-for-profit working to reduce plastic waste and helping to alleviate poverty at the same time.  People are paid to collect waste via a digital wallet. Plastic Bank also offers a Plastic Offset Program, Social Plastic (processed plastic waste pellets/flakes which can be used by corporations who are then given permission to use Plastic Bank's marks on packaging and marketing material), Social Plastic Collection Credits for smaller organisations (enabling organisations to offset their plastic use and become plastic neutral.) Find out more at:


FAIRR Initiative  - Established by Jeremy Coller Foundation

An investor network raising awareness of ESG (environmental, social, governance) risks and opportunities in intensive animal agriculture, helping to build a more sustainable food system. FAIRR helps investors to identify and prioritise through cutting-edge research that can be integrated by investors into their investment decision-making and active stewardship processes.